Monday, July 1, 2013

My Studio . . . My Sanctuary

A few months back, my dear husband suggested we convert an unused bedroom into my office and beading studio. It has become my sanctuary, and I love my husband, Phil, for suggesting it. Having been through five foot surgeries since December of 2011, my previous studio was my bed. While recovering from each surgery, which seemed to come every 2-3 months, I'd spread my beading supplies all over the bed, have my laptop handy on a side table, and get to work creating jewelry, taking photos, filling orders (difficult at times due to my mobility restrictions!)-- all things related to running my business. Ahh, this is so much better. 

Here are a few pics:

The sign on my door. Note "Always Open"!
Jill Wright's Studio -- Door Sign

The studio all cleaned up. Everything put away. Chill time!
Jill Wright's Studio -- All Cleaned Up!

A work in progress. Tools, beads, and of course, coffee, are out while making a bracelet.
Jill Wright's Studio -- A Work in Progress

This side has my kids' original artwork on the wall, and my cool little black chair with ottoman and custom-made zebra-print pillows, made by Eliza Beth Design (
Jill Wright's Studio -- North Wall

Opposite wall has more kids' art, my filing and beads/supply cabinet (holds most supplies, but not all!), trash can, recycle bin, and the TV. Making jewelry is a very solitary activity, and the morning/afternoon news, The Doctors and Ellen keep me company! (There's a soap opera in the mix, but I tune that out.)
Jill Wright's Studio -- South Wall

Thanks for visiting My Sanctuary!

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